Point Formula to Creating High Quality Of Marketing

Are you having a hard time creating a massive amount of high quality content that can serve you though your sales and marketing lifecycle?

The truth of the matter is, if you do not create high quality content, you will not be able to differentiate yourself from other businesses in the market. Today’s market is highly competitive and if you don’t make a name for yourself and stand out above the rest, your business will slowly die.

This nifty little document has the formula that will help get you on your way to building a solid library of high quality, high converting content.

The 5-Point Formula:

I. Know Your Market.

Make a clear list of the problems your market faces.

II. Aggravate the Itch.

Be clear about the repercussions of not solving these problems for your customer.

If the above problems are left unsolved, you will not be able to…

III. Develop a Framework

Develop a framework that could be used as a teaching aide to solve the biggest problems they face.

A framework is a logical sequence of steps that integrates what needs to be done and in what order to get a predictable outcome.

Examples of Popular Frameworks:

7 Habits of Highly Effective People” is a framework on how to be more effective in life.

Napoleon Hill’s book on the 17 Success Principles“is a collection of principles derived from interviewing the world’s most successful people at the turn of the century.

IV. Dissect the Framework

Now that you have a framework, for each aspect, write down the following that relates to the framework:

a. Biggest Question On your Market’s Mind

b. Biggest Myth your Market Believes in

c. Biggest Industry Trend in your Market

d. Biggest Mistake Made in your Market

V. Piece Everything Together

Now that you have a better understanding about the problems that your market is currently facing, you have listed the possible repercussions that they will contend with if they do not solve it quickly, you created your framework and dissected it, it is now time to put everything together to create your high quality content.

What you can do is pick one problem from the first section, then pick an agitator to the problem. Once done, you are going to pick an aspect of the framework which serves as the solution. You will then show how the problem can be resolved based on the solution that is in the framework. In addition, you can include once of the aspects that you dissected from the framework. Once pieced together, you will needs to source for images that will compliment your content. The final product will be a high quality blog post.

Creating a rich and comprehensive blog post is very important. When I say rich, I mean using videos, images, graphs, info graphics etc. To create a comprehensive blog post, you can select multiple problems that you market is facing with multiple aggravation points tied up with multiple frameworks and combine all of these into one big blog post. Once that is done, you can carve out smaller blog posts out of this one blog post and deploy them.